Simen Sollihogda

Simen Sollihogda March 31, 2020

4Ocean startet i Florida i 2017 og har på få år fått mange følgere på sosiale medier, blant annet på Instagram. Organisasjonen jobber aktivt med å skape oppmerksomhet rundt klima og spesielt all forsøplingen som skjer i havet. Store mengder plastikk og annet søppel skyldes i land rundt i verden og mye av det forblir […]

Simen Sollihogda March 31, 2020

During our second exam this semester our group was assigned to find an organization that was working on one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals. A collection of 17 goals to help fight for the environment, peace, justice and reducing poverty among other things. After doing some research we finally landed on […]

Simen Sollihogda February 15, 2020

Dette blogginnlegget blir i motsetning til resten av bloggen, skrevet på norsk. Dette fordi det føles mer naturlig skrive et refleksjonsnotat på norsk i denne sammenhengen. Førsteinntrykk I fjor fikk vi velge oss et valgfag vi skulle ha dette semesteret. Det var en mengde studier å velge mellom, men for meg var faget Digital Markedsføring […]

Simen Sollihogda February 14, 2020

This blog was created as an assignment for the digital marketing class I am currently taking at Høyskolen Kristiania. When we were told that we had to write a blog this semester, I didn’t really know what to think. I have never been a big fan of sharing my opinions online, much less information that […]

Simen Sollihogda February 11, 2020

Last week, I took an online course in Google Powersearch. A lecture that shows you the ins and outs of the google search engine. Designed to help you find exactly what you’re looking for in one simple hit. The course takes you beyond the search bar and shows you how to use features like the […]

Simen Sollihogda January 29, 2020

Starting up a company can be a difficult and overwhelming task. We have all these major companies that we can compare ourselves to and a variety of challenges to overcome if we want to succeed. Luckily Alexander Osterwalder proposed a solution to better organizing a business in 2005. This idea eventually came to be called […]

Simen Sollihogda January 26, 2020

With the rapid growth of bitcoin and investment online, security is a natural concern for people using these markets. Hackers and scammers have been stealing money over the internet for years. With the invention of the cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, a new and more secure way of sharing and investing online became a reality, by […]

Simen Sollihogda January 26, 2020

The internet is a powerful tool, people use it to look up information every day. The world wide web can tell us anything from accurate information regarding what has happened in the world the last 24 hours, to how to cook pasta, or spell a word correctly along with the definition. In most cases, we […]

Simen Sollihogda January 19, 2020

Through the power of the internet, people can now stream music, movies and TV-shows by simply logging in to various platforms and paying a relatively cheap monthly subscription. In this article, my main focus will be on the Swedish company Spotify and the changes in transaction costs that comes with online streaming. Spotify is a […]

Simen Sollihogda January 13, 2020

 (12.01.2020) What is AI? AI or Artificial Intelligence, is a tool used in a wide variety of gadgets and software to complete specific tasks given to them. It is one of the most important components to automation, making things happen without human interaction. It is also used to solve difficult tasks and problems in a […]